You are a witch in a coven, tasked with organizing this season's weekly dinner parties for the local community.
Role Playing
A new revised rules set for solo journal RPGs, based on the Epistolary solo journal RPG system.
An old worldbuilding project and improvised solo-rpg system set in a fantastical North African influenced world.
Digital version of an oracle/tarot deck that revolves around the sun, the moon, rings, and letters.
A journaling solo-rpg that follows a volunteer fleet dedicated to eco-projects and helping coastal communities.
A solo-rpg that follows a group of solarpunk rangers contracted by scattered communities for help.
A journaling solo-rpg about witches, magic, slice-of-life situations, and misadventures.
A solo-rpg system, used in games like the Van Witch, Moon Soup, and the Sun Fleet

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