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This entry is for the System Fictional Game Jam, mainly because I spent a good few minutes trying to understand what the game jam prompt/requirements were, and once it finally clicked what they were asking for I decided that this old defunct project should see the light of day since it fits the criteria 100% IMO. 

Disengage was partly a worldbuilding project and solo-RPG effort I was working on back in 2019 and into early 2020 at my old boring accounting/office job. I was also in school at the time, studying labor and economic history, and during 2019-2020 I was very interested, specifically, in the histories of North Africa, the area that we call the Middle East, and the Islamic Empires (and the Ottoman Empire ofc). In the downloadable documents, there is a complete version, and there are two halves of the complete version--one that includes the worldbuilding information, and the other contains my brief playthrough of an improvised epistolary solo-RPG system that I didn't really have rules for. Nor did I really understand or know about solo RPGs much at that period in time, I just knew vaguely that it was possible to do and there were rare examples of similar projects.

I've laid this project to rest for a while and to be honest, not sure if I am going to work on it any time soon. I'd love to, but my current obsessions have shifted a bit. However, working on this setting (which includes a dozen unreleased documents that detail the world's magic system, and other worldbuilding information) brought me a lot of joy, especially as the world decided to get worse very early on in 2020. I'm hoping that these documents bring you some of that joy and wonder too. It was really nice exploring a non-European-based fantasy setting, and even more so working on one. Hopefully, readers enjoy that as well, and maybe some of you will feel inspired to work on or learn about fantasy settings that aren't necessarily based on familiar cultural environments. 


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