Solarpunk Solo RPGs - Year 2 prompt list updates more

Solarpunk Solo RPGs - Year 2 prompt list updates & more

The games that have been released this year, which include The Van WitchThe Sun Fleet, and The Sun Patrol so far only come with general prompt lists that although they can be recycled and used for game cycles that go beyond 1 in-game year, I plan to update these three projects with more prompt lists. 

So far, this is what is in the works:

  • Another year's worth of prompts for each game (52 prompts) that focus on being a veteran witch in TVW, a veteran sailor in TSF, or a senior ranger in TSP.
  • A solarpunk-themed game jam, potentially a game jam that focuses on producing lists of prompts for the previously mentioned TVW, TSF, and TSP games. For more info, check out this poll here.
  • Worldbuilding supplements to flesh out what exists in the world in which TVW, TSF, and TSP take place. This would include more specific information about the climate disaster that changed Earth, the organizations and communities who worked together to rebuild, detailed locations, events, and more. 

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