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Perpetuum  - So Above & So Inside is an oracle/tarot deck that is 45 cards in length, and it was created using Midjourney AI. it contains a minor arcana of 4 suits (the sun, the moon, rings, and letters) with 9 cards per suit. Each minor suit has 3 'court' or 'face' cards apart from the numerical cards of the suit, and these cards are 3 of 4 total court/face cards that are represented in this deck: the Judge, the Accountant, the Magician, and the Musician. The deck also includes a short 9-card major arcana.

The deck is a culmination of some personal and generalized themes I've come across in life. Life is a tricky game about balancing external and internal movement relative to yourself, and I feel like this deck accurately describes that perspective to me in an intimate way, and I hope it can for you too. We don't need to agree 100% on the meanings of this deck, either. It's important to be able to trust our own intuition (especially for people like me, who are prone to overthink/anxiety) as much as we're able to declare and act in this very odd existence. 

In the spirit of this deck's suit of the Sun, working on and publishing this deck is (among other things) important to me and I am aiming to finish this deck soon within the next month or so. I am planning on making some physical copies of this deck in the near future, however, it is not guaranteed that it will be a large printing nor will it necessarily be just 'sold' (maybe a writing jam of sorts? who knows). If this gains enough traction and enough people fall in love with this deck as I have in the making of it, I might try and fund a large sale/print for some physical copies :)



  • THE SUIT OF THE SUN (9 cards)
    • This suit revolves around ideas such as externality, assertiveness, decision-making, and navigating difficult situations. The court card that represents this suit is the Judge. The suit of the Sun is considered one of the major suits of the deck. 
  • THE SUIT OF THE MOON (9 cards)
    • This suit revolves around ideas such as internality, anxiety, consideration, and reflection. The court card that represents this suit is the Accountant. The suit of the Moon is considered one of the major suits of the deck.
  • THE SUIT OF RINGS (9 cards)
    • This suit revolves around ideas such as obligations, the social sphere of life, connections, and interactions between people. The court card that represents this suit is the Magician. The suit of Rings is considered one of the minor suits of the deck, a descendent of the suit of the Sun with important traits and values derived from the suit of the Moon. 
  • THE SUIT OF LETTERS (9 cards)
    • This suit revolves around ideas such as explicitness, abstraction, honesty, pretending, lying, and communication in general (be it with yourself or with others). Additionally, to a lesser extent, this card revolves around creation--which is an important influencer in how we communicate to others, ourselves, and the world around us. The court card that represents this suit is the Musician. The suit of Letters is considered one of the minor suits of the deck, a child of the suit of the Moon with traits learned from the suit of the Sun. 


    • This card represents the ability to not only be aware of and respectful of yourself, but of others, when you are navigating difficult situations. This card represents assertiveness and the ability to act with equanimity in difficult situations. The Judge is capable of taking in a situation, the parties involved, the potential consequences--and most importantly, carrying out a just solution. 
    • This card represents the ability to think about a situation beyond its face value. This card represents the anxieties that come with undertaking important tasks, and the concerns that come with navigating life, which frequently delivers consequences for every action we seemingly take (or not take). The Accountant is a thinker, but not without reason, lest it be consumed by worry to the point of inaction. The Accountant's reflection is important for navigating difficult situations because it allows us to consider options beyond the options that are explicitly presented to us. 
    • This card represents the ability to interact with others and with ourselves. The Magician operates via simple and elaborate rituals, mirroring many social and personal conventions we follow in life. This card represents the rituals we carry out in life in order to interact with others, interact with ourselves, and interact with the environment around us. The Magician is connected to the Judge by its focus on action and behavior, marking it in the external sphere of life. 
    • This card represents the ability to create and communicate. Very often, creating and communicating share space: we create to communicate our inner joy; we create to communicate the fact that we care for others; we create to establish a relationship with the environment and world around us. These creations are sometimes wrapped in truth, sometimes we wrap them in lies. The Musician is a creator, in order to communicate what they hold and value internally. The Musician is also connected to the Accountant due to its internality, which shares space with the themes from the suit of the Moon. 

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